Applications & Deadlines

Exchange programmes

Deadlines for applicants from abroad vary depending on the international programme. Most often, however, it is May or June for the winter semester and October or November for the summer semester. It is necessary to consult the university website or the site of the faculty or the specific international programme.

Note: Please remember that the application deadlines may differ at your home university and Palacký University.

Online application:

Degree programmes

Applicants for bachelor’s and master’s study programmes conducted in English and other languages must fill in an online application. Deadlines depend on a particular study programme. Those interested in the degree programmes need to follow up for updates and instructions. For more information on programmes in foreign languages, please visit the Degree Programmes Catalogue.

Medicine & Dentistry degree programmes in English

An important note for students coming to study at the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry:

If you are interested in a Master’s programme in English, please apply online directly at the faculty’s site Students entering the first year of the Master’s programme are obliged to have hepatitis B vaccination (at least two vaccination doses must be applied no later than by the end of the first term). Students need to submit evidence of vaccination to the study department when registering for the programme. In addition to the evidence of hepatitis B vaccination, students coming for short-term study stays/fellowships must also submit a HIV test, proof of health insurance and a list of courses completed at their home university prior to their arrival.